Trust Services

Setting up and planning your estate is an important and beneficial process, but it can be difficult and confusing. The trust professionals at Green Belt Bank & Trust take the challenges and complexity out of the estate planning process, giving you the peace of mind and tax advantages you deserve.


Our staff works with the attorney who drew up your will to settle your estate and prepare your estate inventory. The bank carries out your wishes as executor of your estate, serving as an impartial administrator with your loved ones.


A living or testamentary trust may provide you with beneficial tax advantages, a decision that your attorney can help you make. We will manage all of your trust assets, including account services and the filing of all tax returns. Our staff will also prepare annual reports for your beneficiaries and the court if it is required.


Ideal for someone who can no longer manage their financial affairs, the bank professionally manages assets, pays bills and files tax returns on time and efficiently, giving family members assurance their loved one is taken care of. We also prepare reports for the beneficiaries and the court.

Our caring and experienced estate planning team can assist in the management of your trust, and helps keep a watchful eye on you and your family’s future. Contact us today to begin your estate planning.

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