Other Business Services

We offer all the financial tools your business needs to reach your financial goals. Our comprehensive services help you to better run the financial side of your business and make things as convenient for you as possible. We offer the following services for businesses of all sizes:

Merchant Services

We offer merchants in today’s business world a complete package of credit, debit, check and other electronic services that they need for success. Our endorsed bankcard processor, Omega Processing Solutions, provides our customers with payment-processing services at reduced rates, meaning increased profits for you. You can expand your customer base, traffic flow and revenue by accepting your customers’ preferred payment methods. Our integrated systems also reduce clutter, and our automated fraud control and chargeback systems decrease your financial risk.  The online form is a great way for a business to request more information about merchant services programs.  Click Here for more details. 

Business Manager

Do you struggle during the period between payables being due and receivables being paid? Our Business Manager® program helps to bridge that gap. This program allows you to get cash for your accounts receivable deposited into your bank account because the bank buys them at a discount. We also:

  • Send statements on your behalf
  • Offer payment terms to your customers
  • Provide you with detailed management reports showing critical receivables information

This program enables you to take advantage of suppliers’ quick payment discounts, redirect your staff’s time, boost sales and save time, money and energy normally spent on receivables management. Stop by your local branch  for more information and put Business Manager® to work for you today!





Cash Management

Cash Management offers commercial banking customers flexibility and online access to their accounts with ACH, reporting and account management capabilities. This solution also provides ACH originations, ACH file uploads, balance reporting and online transactional information.

Cash Management is another Internet banking solution that further encourages convenience-driven customers to access their accounts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; and to initiate transactions and conduct self-directed research.


Money Orders and Cashier Checks

These items are available to our customers. Cashier’s checks are required for amounts over $300, and all cashier’s checks must have a payee and remitter. Fees may apply.


Night Depositories

Night depositories are available at all locations. The main bank drop box can be found at the front entry of the building. The depositories for the Iowa Falls Motor Bank, the Ackley, Grundy Center and Eldora branches are located outside the drive through areas for you convenience. Large deposit bags will require a key.


Safe Deposit Boxes

Our safe deposit boxes are a secure place for items that hold important financial or sentimental value to you. Offered at all of our bank locations, they are rented on an annual basis for $12.00-$75.00. They are not FDIC insured.


Stop Payments

If you need payment for a check stopped for any reason, contact our bookkeeping department to create a stop payment on a check or automatic debit. A fee will apply.


Automatic Transfers (ACH)

This service allows our customers to set up automatic deposits and withdrawals to their accounts.


Wire Services

Wire services are provided for customers needing to execute a wire transfer or register for calling a repetitive wire. The receiving bank’s ABA or routing number and the receiving party’s account number will be needed, and the address of the receiving party is needed if the amount to be wired exceeds $3000.  Fees may apply.



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